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About Libby Wishes


Hello there fellow creative!

I'm Libby Wishes and I founded my online clipart store in  2019.

I live in a sweet little village in the South East of England, have two daughters and am in love with illustration!

Working from my home in the English countryside, I love create high quality art   I feel  passionate about, and I get too pretty much solely focus on what I love- making illustrations that make other's happy!

I graduated with a degree in design in 2005. I was named graduate of year by a graphic design magazine and went on to work with top brands in the fashion and beauty industry. I loved creating worlds with fashion models, the Paris skyline, the coolness of New York  watercolours, soft peaches & blush pinks and oodles of style. There is something so special about creating a world of glamour and fun, where nothing bad happens and everything is so girlie and fantasy like. I like to merge this with my love of the fantastical- ethereal worlds with princesses, mermaids, fairytales and sweet nostaglic worlds of days gone by. I love designing for little girls and women.

I had my work published in some Fashion illustration Books and been interviewed by illustration magazines.

After I had my daughters I began to fall in love with children's illustration- making a cute world of unicorns, princesses or nostalgia. So I have combined my two passions- fashion & children's illustrations.

I have built my own brand under another name successfully selling over 25,000 products online alone so I understand the needs of small business owners. Running my own business was great.... but I had no time anymore to do what I loved the most- drawing. One day, I was so busy with orders I wondered if I could get a download somewhere of flowers quickly for a new idea, stumbled on Creative Market and was amazed to find a whole world of this stunning clipart as the only guise I knew it in before was the awful 90;s Microsoft art.

I began to wish with all my heart it could be making the art again, and after thinking about it carefully for 18 months I decided in 2018 to take the plunge and make my wishes come true and find a business which meant I could draw more and give others the chance to make some beautiful work wether it be for your planner store, etsy store or own fabric line.

I truly hope you love the illustrations. I am adding new things all the time so please visit often and follow me on Instagram.


If you have any suggestions or want to talk about a private commission for your brand then please do email me at